TimeSplitters Next cancelled gameplay footage appears online

Footage of Free Radical Design’s TimeSplitters Project Surfaces Online

A video showcasing Free Radical Design’s unfortunately cancelled TimeSplitters project has recently emerged on the internet, offering a glimpse into five minutes of gameplay. The footage was shared on LinkedIn by a former staff member of Free Radical Design, revealing a version of the game from July 2023 – just five months before the project was scrapped and the studio was shut down by its parent company, Embracer.

For fans of the TimeSplitters franchise, this video may evoke mixed emotions of excitement and disappointment since the project is now officially dead. The gameplay preview exhibits various familiar elements making a return, such as an expanded Siberia dam level, iconic weapons, beloved characters, and the classic health/shield user interface reminiscent of GoldenEye.

Let’s Play TimeSplitters 2 – Late To The Party

Let’s Play TimeSplitters 2 – Late To The Party.

However, noticeable differences can be observed in the modern character movement and the pace of gameplay. Towards the end of the video, certain aspects bear a striking resemblance to Fortnite, such as references to an open world and a character gliding down to the ground. The UI screens display a menu that seems to be directly inspired by Fortnite, along with an item shop showcasing characters and accessories for purchase.

This aligns with previous insights into the project, suggesting that it initially started as a Fortnite clone but eventually evolved into an expanded alternate universe iteration of the classic TimeSplitters 2.

One developer involved in the project explained, “Originally it was a Fortnite clone. Nobody wanted that really, not even us, but we didn’t have much of a choice for a long time.” However, a strategic shift later transformed the project into a safer direction, with a proposal that leaned heavily on TimeSplitters 2 content, including a few levels from TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, an original level, and some brand new sections.

“It was going to be a ‘What If…’ where Corporal Hart went through instead of Cortez so we could make things slightly different,” the developer elaborated, referring to the main characters of TimeSplitters 2.

Presently, the leaked footage is accessible on LinkedIn and has also been circulated on other platforms.

“So, you want to know about the cancelled TimeSplitters game?” the developer teased. “I’ll be sure to post what I can… Embracer Group can go hide in a cave somewhere.”

Embracer Group is currently undergoing a significant restructuring process, which has resulted in the termination of eight percent of its workforce, totaling 1387 employees.