Community Update March 2024 – Challenging Depths

Welcome to the Monthly Update

We are excited to bring you the latest Community Update for this month, packed with all the news and updates you can expect. While it may not be as action-packed as we had hoped, there are still some interesting developments to share with you.

Exploring Something New

Xbox Insiders participating in the Weekly Pulse Surveys may have noticed a change in this month’s question. Throughout March, we are shifting our focus from platform inquiries to something more community-oriented. We are curious to know what everyone’s ideal pizza looks like.

Each week, a different aspect of pizza creation (crust, toppings, sauce, etc.) will be featured in the Pulse Surveys. After collecting all the responses, we will use the “recipe” to create an Xbox Insider Pie for the program. The team will then provide their reviews on the pizza to see how our tastes align with the community.

Is this an elaborate way to host a pizza party for the team? Or are we daring the community to make us eat a truly bizarre pizza creation? Why not both?

Immersive Updates

Despite a slight delay in February, the “Get To Know Our Team” articles are still on track. Expect the remaining interviews to be released sporadically throughout March as we wrap up our 10th Anniversary Celebrations. We look forward to introducing the rest of the team, with some exciting stories still to come!

Furthermore, the migration of the Release Notes to their new platform is progressing smoothly. The team is gearing up for an official launch soon, and we will provide a detailed explanation of the changes and where to access the Release Notes in the near future.

Updates on Ongoing Projects

Throughout these Community Update posts, we have teased a few projects. To address any speculation, we want to assure you that all projects are still in development. We aim to be transparent about our progress, even if it means sharing plans that are still in the works. Stay tuned for more updates in the future.


Another month of Xbox Insider has begun, marking our first month as a “double-digit” enterprise. We are thrilled to continue this journey and are more motivated than ever. While the road so far has been exciting, we are just scratching the surface of what’s to come!

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the Xbox Insider Program Community Update. If you want to discuss this—or anything else XIP-related—join the conversation on the r/XboxInsiders subreddit or follow us on Twitter @xboxinsider.