How To Make Devil Or Satan In Infinite Craft

When playing Infinite Craft, it’s possible to craft everything from God to demons, including Satan or the Devil. However, figuring out the right combinations can be tricky. If you’re stuck on how to create Satan in Infinite Craft, this guide will help you with the necessary steps.

The game involves wordplay, general knowledge, and science, allowing players to experiment and discover new elements. But if you’re looking for a shortcut, using Infinite Craft cheats can provide you with a unique recipe to easily make Satan.

How to Get Satan in Infinite Craft

Image via Neal.Fun

Here are the elements you need to combine in Infinite Craft to get Satan:

  • Earth + Water = Lava
  • Lava + Fire = Volcano
  • Wind + Water = Wave
  • Wave + Earth = Sand
  • Sand + Fire = Glass
  • Glass + Sand = Hourglass
  • Hourglass + Sand = Time
  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Water + Water = Lake
  • Lake + Time = Aeon
  • Aeon + Time = Eternity
  • Aeon + Eternity = Forever
  • Fire + Forever = Hell
  • Hell + Volcano = Satan

How to Make Devil in Infinite Craft

Once you have Satan, you can combine Satan and Hell to create the Devil in Infinite Craft.

That’s all you need to know to make Devil or Satan in Infinite Craft. Check out our other recipes for Iron, Space, Paint, and more on Gamer Tweak.