Persona 3 Reload October to November guide

After progressing through September in Persona 3, October and November will bring a flurry of activities, including exams and pivotal story events. As November approaches, players will find themselves entering the endgame sequence of the story, with most Social Links completed and ample free time to explore Tartarus or spend time with favorite characters. Here is a breakdown of the schedule for October and November:

October Daily Schedule

October kicks off with various activities such as hanging out with key characters like Yukari, Mutatsu, and Koromaru, as well as tackling requests and exploring Tartarus. The month culminates in a Full Moon Operation on October 4, which players must clear to progress.

Throughout the month, players will engage in Social Links, attend mid-term exams, and navigate through a series of story events. Planning is crucial to optimize free time and make progress in the game.

October Classroom Answers:

  • October 7: Dopamine
  • October 10: Helena Blavatsky
  • October 13: Addiction
  • October 14: Pythagoras
  • October 15: Superconductivity
  • October 16: To reveal a secret
  • October 19: India
  • October 22: Venus
  • October 26: Izumo
  • October 30: Beta-amylase

November Daily Schedule

November brings the final Full Moon Operation event, concluding the main story arc. Players must ensure their Personas, levels, and items are optimized for the challenges ahead.

As November progresses, players will engage in Social Links, story events, and various activities, including visiting characters like Mitsuru and Akihiko. A school trip to Kyoto and a Career Day event add depth to the gameplay experience.

November Classroom Answers:

  • November 7: The Upanishads
  • November 12: Her Favorite Time Is Winter
  • November 30: The cherry blossoms