Rogue-like poker hit Balatro sells half a million copies in ten days

Developer LocalThunk’s Balatro Hits Half a Million Sales in Just 10 Days

Developer LocalThunk’s Balatro may have faced a setback recently with an unexpected ratings change, but that hasn’t hindered the success of this poker-inspired rogue-like deckbuilder. Publisher Playstack has reported that Balatro has sold over half a million copies in just ten days.

Game Overview

Balatro challenges players to progress through a series of stage-like Blinds by exceeding each one’s target score. Players can play a maximum of four poker hands in each Blind, and failing to reach the target score results in a game over. However, there is more depth to the game than meets the eye.

In-Game Features

Successful completion of Blinds rewards players with in-game money to purchase combo-boosting cards, exotic upgrades, and a variety of rule-bending Jokers. These Jokers add an element of unpredictability to the game, turning it into a wild experience of score-busting synergies.

Balatro | Launch Trailer- THE Poker Roguelike | Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One

Balatro launch trailer.

Acclaim and Success

Eurogamer’s Christian Donlan praised Balatro, describing it as “striking and brilliantly constructed” in his four out of five review. The game has resonated well with players, as evidenced by the announcement from Playstack that Balatro has reached the 500,000 copies milestone in just 10 days across all platforms. Playstack expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support received from players.

Ratings Controversy

Despite its success, Balatro faced a hiccup when it was unexpectedly removed from digital stores in some countries due to a ratings change. PEGI raised the game’s rating from 3+ to 18+ without prior notice, citing “prominent gambling imagery.” This led to the temporary removal of Balatro from Xbox and PlayStation stores and a complete removal from the Switch store. However, the game has since returned to listings with its original 3+ PEGI rating on all platforms.