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Unicorn Overlord: A Fresh Approach to High-Fantasy RPG

Unicorn Overlord sets itself apart in the high-fantasy RPG genre with its character-focused approach that gradually builds its world through interactions with people. The game manages to make familiar stories feel fresh, supported by beautiful presentation and excellent strategic combat. As you strive to overthrow an evil empire through the power of friendship, Unicorn Overlord emerges as an impressive strategy RPG.

The central campaign unfolds through five 10-hour arcs, each isolated in one of the five kingdoms of Fevrith. While the overarching plot may stick closely to genre tropes, the game’s strength lies in its presentation of stories through short vignettes that showcase potential allies’ struggles under the conqueror’s rule. Side stories provide depth as you learn about your allies, adding layers to the kingdom’s narrative.

Unicorn Overlord Gameplay Screenshots

Unicorn Overlord boasts a diverse cast of characters, visually striking and oozing personality. From elves to werelions, each character is well-realized, adding to the vibrancy of the world. The game’s soundscape complements the visuals, with well-acted dialogues and a fitting musical score that enhances the high fantasy setting.

A Unique Combat System

Unicorn Overlord impresses with its innovative blend of real-time strategy and turn-based RPG mechanics in combat. Squads are formed by grouping units, and battles occur when squads collide with enemies. The game’s combat system emphasizes squad positioning, abilities, and trigger conditions, offering strategic depth and creative possibilities.

The sheer number of unit types is a major strength of Unicorn Overlord.

Abilities are divided into active and passive skills, encouraging players to experiment with squad compositions and tactics. The game offers a wide variety of unit types and classes, allowing for diverse strategies and playstyles. Managing squads and optimizing equipment add to the depth of the combat experience.

Engaging Gameplay and Progression

Unicorn Overlord’s gameplay extends beyond combat, with a delivery system that rewards resource gathering and town rebuilding. The game features unique mechanics in battles, diverse map terrains, and time-limited objectives that keep each encounter fresh and engaging.

Its one-off map gimmicks are the best I’ve ever seen in the genre.

Victory in battles grants currencies like gold, honor, and renown, which can be used to enhance units and expand squad capabilities. The game’s progression system ties well with exploration and resource management, creating a rewarding gameplay loop.