What to expect from the latest Lost Ark server merges

Lost Ark’s latest server merges are set to take place in the first two weeks of March. With the player count dwindling, some servers are seeing a decrease in population while others remain active. This has led to the decision to merge servers in two batches, resulting in two days of extended downtime for the game. Here’s what players can expect from the upcoming changes:

March 6 and 13 Server Merges

The server merges will be carried out in two batches to minimize downtime and provide developers with time to address any issues that may arise. The scheduled maintenance downtime for both batches will last for 16 hours each. The following are the server merges for March 6 and March 13:

March 6 Maintenance

Central Europe

  • Antares + Neria = Neria
  • Slen + Kadan = Kadan
  • Calvasus + Ealyn = Ealyn
  • Mokoko + Kayangel = Kayangel
  • Lazenith + Thrain = Thrain
  • Ezrebet + Zinnervale = Zinnervale
  • Trixion + Asta = Asta
  • Armen + Wei = Wei
  • Evergrace + Nia = Nia

North America – East

  • Aldebaran + Azena = Azena
  • Zosma + Una = Una
  • Vykas + Azakiel = Azakiel
  • Danube + Regulus = Regulus
  • Elzowin + Avesta = Avesta
  • Kharmine + Galatur = Galatur
  • Adrinne + Karta = Karta
  • Sasha + Ladon = Ladon

North America – West

  • Bergstorm + Mari = Mari
  • Enviska + Valtan = Valtan
  • Shandi + Rohendel = Rohendel
  • Akkan + Lauriel = Lauriel

South America

  • Kazeros + Elgacia = Elgacia
  • Blackfang + Arthetine = Arthetine

It is evident that some servers will undergo multiple merges to consolidate data centers and maintain a balanced player population. Central Europe will end up with five merged servers, NA East with four, NA West with two, and South America with one.

Why is Lost Ark Merging Servers?

Smilegate has initiated several server merges in response to requests from the community. Disparities in player distribution across servers have led to longer matchmaking times, prompting the need for merges. By combining servers with fewer players with those with larger communities, Lost Ark aims to enhance the overall gameplay experience for all users.

What Happens to Rosters in Merged Servers

Players may wonder about the fate of their characters amidst the server merges. While classes will be imported into the merged servers without affecting progression, complications may arise for those with characters in multiple data centers. Lost Ark has provided detailed information on what to expect:

Character and Slots

  • Introduction of Universal Character Storage for importing all affected characters.
  • Reset of all slots to the original six, with refunds for purchased slots.

Moving In and Out of the Universal Character Storage

  • Active Roster characters for gameplay and currency acquisition.
  • Limits on moving characters back to storage after earning Gold.

Main Character

  • Resetting of the main character feature to the highest item level class.
  • Ability to manually select a new class as the main feature.


  • Retaining the Roster with the highest EXP and level for merged servers.
  • Recalculation of rewards post-merge, ensuring they cannot be claimed multiple times.


  • Summing up currency resources from both merging servers.
  • Includes Crystal, Gold, Silver, and various other resources.


  • Retaining the Engraving with the highest points.
  • Summing up points for engravings of the same level.

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