How To Make WWE In Infinite Craft

How to Get WWE in Infinite Craft

Remember the iconic wrestling matches from your childhood? Now, you can bring that nostalgia into the world of Infinite Craft by creating WWE. While it may not be a simple recipe, the journey to unlock this combination will introduce you to new elements along the way.

To get WWE, you need to combine Wrestling with Town. Here’s how you can acquire these ingredients:

  • Earth + Wind = Dust
  • Dust + Dust = Sand
  • Dust + Water = Mud
  • Mud + Fight = Wrestling
  • Wrestling + Town = WWE

How to Get John Cena

  • WWE + Wrestling = John Cena
  • Wrestler + WWE = John Cena

How to Get Wrestlemania in Infinite Craft

  • John Cena + Fight = Win
  • Win + WWE = Wrestlemania

How to Get Hulk Hogan

  • John Cena + WWE = Champion
  • Wrestlemania + Champion = Hulk Hogan

How to Get Hulkamania

  • Hulk Hogan + Hulk Hogan = Hulkamania

How to Get Undertaker

  • WWE + Death = Undertaker
  • Undertaker + Wrestlemania = Tombstone

That’s the breakdown of how you can create WWE in Infinite Craft. Don’t forget to explore our other guides on obtaining Cotton, Instagram, Eeveelutions, and Dark Souls while you’re here!