Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update Launches With Debug Mode, Can Corrupt Saves

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Debug Mode Delves into Possible Upcoming DLC

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 saw a recent update that introduced a new feature, but it also inadvertently revealed a debug mode that players can access with just a few button presses. While this mode allows for some interesting exploration within the game, Insomniac Games has issued a warning about the potential risks involved, such as corrupting save files and affecting trophy progress.

Uncovering Clues to Future DLC Content

Despite the risks associated with the debug mode, some players have taken the opportunity to delve deeper into the game and have uncovered possible hints at upcoming DLC content. Reports on ResetEra have indicated the discovery of a new character story arc that has yet to be introduced in the game. These details align with leaked information from an internal Insomniac Games presentation that hinted at three free DLC packs, though the developer has not officially confirmed any future DLC releases.

Additionally, players have experimented with various features within the debug mode. Some have accessed a Digital Foundry mode, revealing screen resolution and framerate details, while others have activated invincibility mode and tweaked different game parameters. One player even used the debug mode to bypass to the game’s final cutscene and unlock a new trophy.

Insomniac Games has acknowledged the issue and reassured players that a hotfix is in the works to address the debug mode access. The developer has emphasized the potential risks involved with using the debug mode, cautioning players about the impact on saves and trophies. However, playing the game in its intended manner poses no such risks.

The recent update, version 1.002, not only introduced the New Game+ mode but also included new story symbiote suit styles, golden gadget styles, a shared Suit Tech slot, mission replay features, photo mode updates, and more exciting additions for players to enjoy.