Sea of Thieves PS5 Port Supports DualSense Features

Rare Introduces DualSense Support for Sea of Thieves on PS5

The highly popular pirate game Sea of Thieves, once exclusive to Xbox and PC, is making its way to the PlayStation 5 at the end of April. What sets this PS5 version apart is the inclusion of DualSense controller’s haptic feedback, a feature that was not available in the Xbox releases.

Sea of Thieves director Mike Chapman discussed the addition of DualSense support, stating, “[We’re giving] different identities to different objects.” While specific examples were not provided, it was mentioned that these features are still being fine-tuned. Rare is clearly making an effort to leverage the unique capabilities of the PS5 hardware with this new port.

Although haptic feedback has been present in controllers for years, the DualSense controller offers a more advanced experience. With features like force feedback from adaptive triggers and voice coil actuators in the palm grips, players can expect a more immersive gameplay experience while sailing the seas in Sea of Thieves.

Originally released in 2018 for PC and Xbox One, Sea of Thieves is now joining several other first-party Xbox games in becoming multiplatform. The timing of this release is opportune, especially given the recent underwhelming reception of Ubisoft’s pirate MMO Skull and Bones. With Skull and Bones failing to meet expectations, Sea of Thieves may attract a new wave of players looking for a captivating pirate adventure.