How to find Weapons Bunkers and use Mod Benches in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

How to Locate Weapon Bunkers in Fortnite Season 2

Weapon Bunkers provide a valuable opportunity for players to utilize their Gold Bars for powerful upgrades. While these areas share similarities with Vaults from the previous season, there are notable differences. Here’s a guide on identifying Weapon Bunkers and using Mod Benches in Chapter 5 of Fortnite Season 2.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Players can find Weapons Bunkers in five designated locations on the map, as shown in the image above. These Bunkers consistently appear in the same spots every match, although not every entrance will be accessible. If a Bunker Door is sealed with chains, it remains unopenable throughout the game.

The remaining bunker entrances will unlock midway through the match. As of now, these areas are heavily contested, but the competition is likely to diminish as the season advances. Weapon Bunkers serve as excellent loot locations, featuring rare weapons, Gold Bars, and a Mod Bench for upgrades.

Fortnite Weapon Bunker
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Utilizing Mod Benches in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

Mod Benches allow players to enhance or modify attachments on their weapons. While these benches might appear overwhelming initially, familiarity will come with practice. Begin by interacting with the Mod Bench, which will display your currently equipped weapon. You can navigate through your arsenal on the bench, similar to switching weapons in gameplay.

The bench presents a range of mod slots, where you can purchase attachments to fill them. Most guns already have at least one attachment installed, which can be overwritten if desired. Higher rarity weapons typically come with more default attachments. For example, if your Reaper Sniper Rifle features a short-range scope, you can opt to purchase a long-range scope for replacement.

Fortnite Huntress Dmr
Image: Epic Games

Acquiring attachments requires spending Gold, which although not excessively costly, can accumulate if Mod Benches are frequently used. It’s essential to note that certain attachments are better suited for specific weapons. For instance, there’s no practicality in attaching a magnifying scope to a Shotgun, despite it being possible.

Optimal Weapon Mod Combinations in Fortnite

I suggest experimenting with various attachments to determine the most effective combinations for your playstyle. Personally, I rely on extended magazines as they enable me to engage multiple opponents without reloading frequently.

The Frenzy Auto Shotgun, for instance, benefits greatly from a Drum Mag due to its rapid ammunition consumption and lengthy reloading process. Additionally, I prefer utilizing a traditional rifle scope on my Sniper Rifles for extremely long-range engagements.

Chapter 5 Season 2 provides an array of exciting activities and features. Weapon Bunkers offer an accessible means for players to secure valuable loot, while the introduction of new Medallions adds a game-changing dynamic to the experience.