How to fix Matchmaking Error #2 in Fortnite

Understanding Matchmaking Error #2 in Fortnite

Encountering Matchmaking Error #2 while trying to start a Fortnite game session can be frustrating. This error typically occurs when Fortnite’s servers are experiencing technical issues, requiring some patience on the player’s end.

You can stay updated on Fortnite’s server status by following @FortniteStatus on X (formerly Twitter). Epic Games regularly posts updates on errors, bugs, and fixes, helping you stay informed about when the issues are resolved.

Steps to Resolve Matchmaking Error #2:

If you are facing Matchmaking Error #2, here are some troubleshooting steps you can take to address the issue:

Restart your game and device

Performing a simple restart of the game and the device can often resolve technical glitches. If the error persists, consider restarting your router along with your PC or console.

Ensure your game is updated

Make sure that your Fortnite game is updated to the latest version to avoid matchmaking errors. Follow these steps to check for updates based on your platform:

  • PS5:
    • Go to Library
    • Hover over Fortnite
    • Press options (start)
    • Select Check for update
  • Xbox:
    • Hover over Fortnite
    • Press start
    • Select Manage games and add-ons
    • Available updates will appear in the Updates section
  • Nintendo Switch:
    • Hover over Fortnite
    • Press +
    • Select Software update

For PC users, verify files via the Epic Games Launcher to ensure your game is up to date.

Verify files (PC only)

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Verifying Fortnite’s files through the Epic Games Launcher can help detect updates and fix any corrupt files. Follow these steps to verify files:

  • Open Epic Games Launcher
  • Go to Library
  • Right-click Fortnite
  • Click Manage
  • Click Verify

Try another Experience

If the matchmaking error persists, try switching to a different Fortnite Experience mode, such as Fortnite Festival or Zero Builds, to see if you can successfully join a game.

Reinstall the game

If all else fails and you continue to face matchmaking errors, consider reinstalling Fortnite as a last resort. This should only be done if the problem persists over an extended period with no resolution in sight.