Stellar Blade demo is published, then deleted, from the PlayStation Store

PS5 Exclusive Demo Quietly Appears on PlayStation Store

A surprise 45-minute demo of the highly anticipated PS5 exclusive game, Stellar Blade, made a brief appearance on the PlayStation Store today. Excitement spread quickly among gamers eager to get a glimpse of the upcoming title.

Swift Removal Raises Questions

However, just 30 minutes after its unannounced release, the demo was abruptly taken down from the store without any explanation. This unexpected removal left many players puzzled and curious about the reasons behind it.

Stellar Blade – Pre-Order Trailer | PS5 GamesWatch on YouTube

Even those lucky enough to download the demo before it vanished found themselves locked out once it was no longer available on the platform. This led to speculation that the demo was either released prematurely or was not fully prepared for public consumption.

Player Reactions

Despite the brief window of availability, some players were able to not only complete the demo but also share their experiences online. One Reddit user commented, “Played it, it’s very good. Upset I can’t play more tbh, combat was really fun and you can’t just hack n slash.”

Stellar Blade – First 40 minutes (Demo)
byu/hunterz85 inGamingLeaksAndRumours

Another Reddit user expressed a more lukewarm opinion, saying, “Just skipped around and watched some and it looks…okay? Hopefully it feels better actually controlling it and playing cuz it just seemed sort of fine. Maybe the demo will change my mind, but otherwise definitely a sale game.”

Release Date and Pre-Order Benefits

Shift Up’s Stellar Blade is scheduled to launch exclusively on PlayStation 5 on the 26th of April. Players can already pre-order the game, which comes with additional perks such as an early unlock of the Planet Diving Suit for Eve, a pair of Classic Round Glasses for Eve, and Ear Armor Earrings for Eve.