Best classes in Unicorn Overlord, ranked

Unicorn Overlord: Discover the Top Classes in this Ranked Tier List

Unicorn Overlord, a strategy RPG, features a variety of classes with unique abilities and leader effects. Some classes outshine others, making it easier for players to choose unit formations and recruit characters. Here are the best classes in Unicorn Overlord, ranked in a tier list.

Image: Vanillaware

S-Tier Classes

  • Lord
  • Knight
  • Priestess
  • Hoplite
  • Thief
  • Hunter

These standout classes in Unicorn Overlord excel in combat. For example, Alain as the Lord class offers a balanced mix of offense and defense, providing protection for allies in battle. Additionally, a Lord gains extra Valor Points after defeating enemy units.

The Knight class, featuring characters like Clive and Adel, is known for its effectiveness against infantry-based enemies. Priestess, represented by Scarlett, offers healing and support skills, making her a valuable asset.

Hoplites, such as Hodrick, are exceptional defenders with their shields, reducing damage taken by allies. Thieves, like Travis and Gammel, excel at evasion and stealing PP from enemies. Lastly, Hunters, led by characters like Rolf, are adept at targeting evasive foes and providing ranged support.

A-Tier Classes

  • Witch
  • Gryphon Knight
  • Shaman
  • Cleric
  • Warrior

While not as potent as S-tier classes, A-tier classes have their own strengths. Witches, such as Yahna, specialize in magick attacks and enhancing allies’ attacks with magick. Gryphon Knights boast high evasion and magick defense, making them valuable for ignoring traps and obstacles.

Shamans, like Selvie, focus on debuffing enemies and stealing PP. Clerics, represented by Sharon, serve as essential healers and support characters. Warriors excel in offensive combat and are capable of breaking barricades as party leaders.

B-Tier Classes

  • Sellsword
  • Soldier
  • Wizard
  • Housecarl

While decent in combat, B-tier classes may not be as versatile as higher-tier options. Sellswords, like Berenice, deal physical damage and counterattacks. Soldiers excel in physical defense and shield support. Wizards focus on powerful magick attacks, but lack the support abilities of Witches.

Housecarls, such as Aubin, are strong in physical damage and barrier-breaking. However, other classes like Warriors may offer better overall performance.

These rankings of Unicorn Overlord classes aim to assist players in creating effective units and pairing characters. Remember, in addition to their battle prowess, these characters also offer romance options for Alain!