Dave The Diver Catches New Minigame In Latest Update, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

Dave The Diver Update Highlights

The latest update for Dave The Diver on Nintendo Switch is now available, bringing the game to version While the patch notes may not be extensive, this update includes some exciting new features for players to enjoy.

Here’s a rundown of what you can expect from this update:

System Improvements

1) New Language

  • Russian language support has been added.

2) Sea Exploration

  • Improved game pause functionality when the controller is disconnected during ocean exploration.
  • Fixed button issues on the pause screen.

3) Smart Phone App

  • Added a new rhythm mini-game called ‘Dream Live’ after Chapter 4.

4) Sushi Restaurant

  • Restrictions on interior changes during business hours.

5) Other Improvements

  • Added a guide pop-up to check DLC installation status.

Bug Fixes

1) Sea Exploration

  • Fixed crashing issues during Pink Dolphin rescue missions.
  • Resolved fish getting stuck in walls.
  • Fixed mission marker errors in specific situations.
  • Corrected weapon fragment size in DREDGE DLC exploration.

2) Sea People Village

  • Eliminated overlapping BGM and frame drop issues.

3) Smart Phone Apps

  • Fixed Cooksta feed posting problem.

4) Weapons

  • Corrected incorrect descriptions for the ‘Frozen Cod’ melee weapon.

5) Sushi Restaurant

  • Fixed ingredient quantity adjustment bug.

If you’re a fan of Dave the Diver, you’ll be excited to know that a physical release is coming to Japan with support for English players. Pre-orders are now open for those interested in diving in.

What improvements are you most excited about in this update? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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