Raft – What to Do After Radio Tower

What Comes After the Radio Tower in Raft

Before the launch of update 10 on December 3, 2019, the Radio Tower held a special place as the ultimate destination in Raft.

Since then, Raft has undergone multiple updates, introducing new features, items, and significant expansions to the storyline. These updates have included the addition of several story islands to enrich the overall narrative.

However, some players may overlook the importance of the items they collect, leading to uncertainty about what steps to take after conquering the Radio Tower.

Upon successfully completing the Radio Tower mission in Raft, players are provided with fresh coordinates that unveil the location of the next story island, the cruise ship Vasagatan. These coordinates must be entered into the Receiver to obtain the precise location of Vasagatan.

What to Do After the Radio Tower in Raft

In the latest version of Raft, the Radio Tower marks the initial of eight story islands that players must conquer to finish the game.

Game progression in Raft is rather straightforward! Upon finishing a story island, players receive new coordinates guiding them to the subsequent story island.

The new coordinates are usually concealed in the final room of the story island.

During the Radio Tower quest, players can locate the coordinates on the whiteboard in the top room, alongside the Recycler blueprint.

To verify whether the coordinates have been acquired, simply press the “T” key to access your Journal.

Be on the lookout for colored bookmarks on the left side of the journal. If you spot a bookmark indicating Vasagatan and its coordinates, you are all set!

The subsequent step involves entering the new coordinates into the Receiver and embarking on the journey to the next story island.

Before setting sail for Vasagatan, it is advisable to explore and stockpile resources on other small islands to adequately equip yourself for the challenges that lie ahead.

That concludes the post-Radio Tower gameplay in Raft.

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