All Paper Mario Games, Ranked

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

It’s been over two decades since the inception of the Paper Mario series, and while fans eagerly await a new installment, the existing games hold a special place in the hearts of Mario and RPG enthusiasts. Today, we’ll delve into the world of Paper Mario games and rank them from least to best. But before we begin, it’s important to note that even the lowest-ranked games in this franchise have their own unique charm and appeal. With that in mind, let’s explore the various Paper Mario titles!

Paper Mario: Color Splash

One of the handheld entries in the Paper Mario series, Color Splash, made its debut on the Wii U after a long hiatus from home consoles. With a gameplay mechanic centered around collecting trading cards via the Wii U control screen, Color Splash aimed to innovate on the traditional Paper Mario formula. However, like its predecessor, Sticker Star, Color Splash faced mixed reviews due to its departure from the beloved RPG combat system.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

For those seeking a return to form, The Origami King breathes new life into the Paper Mario franchise. With a revamped turn-based combat system set within a dynamic 360-degree ring, this latest installment offers a fresh take on the classic Paper Mario gameplay. While it may not claim the top spot among other gaming giants, The Origami King is a solid choice for Nintendo Switch players looking for a quality Paper Mario experience.

Super Paper Mario

Super Paper Mario strays from the traditional RPG elements of its predecessors in favor of a platforming approach. By seamlessly transitioning between 2D and 3D perspectives in real-time, this entry introduced a unique gameplay mechanic that resonated with fans. However, the absence of iconic companions and mixed reception towards the 3D gameplay aspect left some players wanting more.

Paper Mario

Returning to its RPG roots, the original Paper Mario captivated players with its engaging story, memorable characters, and timeless aesthetic. Drawing inspiration from its predecessor, Super Mario RPG, this classic title set the foundation for the Paper Mario series and garnered widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. While the story may not be as robust as other entries, the original Paper Mario remains a standout favorite among enthusiasts.

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Considered by many as the pinnacle of the series, The Thousand-Year Door surpasses its predecessor in storytelling and gameplay mechanics. With the inclusion of badges and consumables, this entry adds depth to strategic planning in battles. Regarded as the epitome of the classic Paper Mario formula, The Thousand-Year Door continues to be a fan-favorite and receives well-deserved hype for its upcoming remake.