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Dota 2 Wishlist for Events and Cosmetics

We are eagerly anticipating new updates for Dota 2 and have put together a wishlist of things we hope to see in the near future. While the game has seen many recent changes that keep the gameplay fresh, our wishlist focuses on events and cosmetics to further enhance the overall experience.

The Case for PvE Events

In the past, Dota 2 PvP events often fell short of capturing the essence of the game. However, PvE events such as Wraith-Night, Siltbreaker, and Aghanim’s Labyrinth have been incredibly enjoyable, offering a new perspective on Dota gameplay. One standout event for us is Continuum Conundrum, which seamlessly blended rogue-like elements with Dota heroes for a unique and engaging experience. We hope to see more of these PvE events in the future with additional heroes, improved balance, and possibly even more lore integration.

Support Heroes and Cosmetics

Despite the popularity of support heroes like Lion and Witch Doctor, there is a noticeable lack of Arcanas and cosmetics for them compared to core heroes. As support play becomes increasingly influential in the game, we believe that introducing more cosmetic options for support heroes would not only cater to player preferences but also make good business sense. Rumors of upcoming Arcanas for heroes like Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit have us excited for what’s to come.

Exploring Personas in Dota 2

Personas have been a mixed bag in Dota 2, with some like Anti-Mage and Phantom Assassin receiving positive feedback for their unique designs that stay true to the hero’s identity. The success of personas often hinges on whether the hero is primarily known by their title or name, with titles offering more flexibility for creative interpretations. We believe that exploring personas for heroes like Legion Commander and Bounty Hunter could yield interesting design possibilities.

The Future of Dota 2

While Dota 2’s gameplay has been stellar with recent updates, the lack of engaging content updates for the game has left something to be desired for players. We hope that Valve will continue to excel in core gameplay updates while also introducing new features like Battle Passes and Weekly Quests to enhance the overall Dota 2 experience. What are your thoughts on our wishlist? Feel free to share in the comments below!