Insomniac’s Canceled Spider-Man Multiplayer Trailer Leaked

Leaked Trailer Reveals Cancelled Marvel’s Spider-Man Multiplayer Game

A lengthy trailer for Insomniac Games‘ canceled Marvel’s Spider-Man multiplayer game has leaked online. Titled Spider-Man: The Great Web, the game’s existence was confirmed following a ransomware attack on Insomniac Games last December. This trailer is part of the files that hackers gained access to, and continue to leak to this day.

Spider-Man: The Great Web multiplayer previously described as ‘Spider-Man meets GTA Online’

We won’t embed the trailer here for obvious reasons but a copy can be found on Streamable (via Reddit). The trailer features voice work by Yuri Lowenthal, and it looks quite promising.

There had been a few rumblings of a Spider-Man multiplayer game, but nothing was confirmed until hackers gained access to an internal Insomniac Games presentation about the project. In the presentation, the game was described as “Spider-Man meets GTA Online,” and it was supposed to launch by 2026. The Great Web would have come with a Battle Pass, and would have received individual Marvel character-themed seasons every three months. Insomniac wanted to introduce a new story act every month, and had plans to release free content periodically as well.

According to journalist Jason Schreier, Spider-Man: The Great Web was canceled quite a while ago but we don’t know the reason for its cancellation.