Raft – Can You Kill the Big Bear?

Can You Defeat the Big Bear in Raft?

The formidable big bear, also known as the mama bear, is a formidable foe on Balboa Island in Raft. It stands in your way of obtaining the Machete recipe and progressing through the quest line.

While the game suggests using Wild Berries to lure the bear away, some players may want to take a more direct approach and eliminate the bear altogether.

So, the question arises – is it possible to defeat the big bear in Raft, or should you follow the game’s guidance and lure it away?

Yes, you can take down the big bear in Raft, but it possesses significant HP, making it more manageable to lure it away.

Below, we will explore the number of hits required to defeat the big bear using various weapons in the game.

Can You Defeat the Big Bear in Raft?

Most players will encounter the big bear as their initial challenge on Balboa Island. The typical strategy involves locating five Wild Berries scattered across the island and using them to divert the bear’s attention. This allows you to complete your objectives and advance to the next island smoothly.

However, it is essential to note that the big bear does have a health bar like other creatures in Raft, providing the option to eliminate it as well!

The big bear boasts 750 HP, marking it as the most resilient creature in the game, especially when compared to a standard bear with only 100 HP.

This stark contrast emphasizes the danger posed by the big bear, urging players to avoid confrontation whenever possible.

Nevertheless, for those determined to defeat the big bear, refer to the table below for weapon damage values and the necessary number of hits to take down this formidable opponent:

WeaponDamageHits Required to Defeat The Big Bear
Wooden Spear5150
Metal Spear1075
Titanium Sword2038
Stone Arrow1075
Metal Arrow1550
Titanium Arrow2038

To engage in a fair fight, it is advisable to equip the best gear possible, such as Titanium gear (requiring completion of the final story island). Additionally, having all three pieces of Leather Armor and ample Good Healing Salves is highly recommended.

Leather Armor can be crafted using Wool and Leather. To obtain Wool, players must capture and domesticate a Llama. Good Healing Salve components include Egg, Clay, and Honeycomb.

Clay can be collected from the ocean floor near islands, Eggs are common drops from tamed Cluckers, and Honeycomb is obtainable from various beehives.

Successfully defeating the big bear solo requires extensive preparation and strategic gameplay. Enhance your chances of victory by utilizing tactics to simplify the battle.

Begin by crafting a Bow and a sufficient quantity of arrows, ensuring you have a surplus in case of missed shots. Locate the big bear and position yourself on a grassy cliff near the cave entrance containing the Machete recipe. Utilize the Spacebar key to leap onto the cliff.

Two safe spots to combat the big bear

By standing on the cliff, you can limit the bear’s ability to locate you, causing it to retreat to its original position. If the bear moves out of reach, jump off the cliff to close the gap and resume attacking. When the bear pursues you, attempt to shoot while retreating towards the cliff, or swiftly jump back onto the elevated ground and resume your assault.

Continue this cycle – jump off the cliff, enrage the bear, retreat and climb back on, and resume your attack. Upon defeating the big bear, you will receive its head, 15 Leather, and 10 Raw Meat as rewards.

While Leather and Raw Meat hold practical value, the big bear’s head serves as a notable trophy to showcase your triumph.

Now you have the answer to whether you can defeat the big bear in Raft. Share any suggestions or feedback on this guide in the comments section below.