Review – WWE 2K24 (Xbox Series X)

Ready for 40 Years Of Wrestlemania?

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This year’s release celebrates four decades of Wrestlemania with a tribute to iconic moments in wrestling history. From classic showdowns like Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania V to modern clashes like Roman Reigns vs. Cody Rhodes at last year’s Wrestlemania 39.

The game’s tie-in with real-life wrestling is evident, especially with the “finish your story” tagline, reflecting Cody Rhodes’ journey to the upcoming WM 40 main event. 2K/Visual Concepts aims to capture this essence in the latest release, showcasing narratives where players often find themselves as the underdog. This theme carries over to the MyRise story mode as well.

WWE 2k24 doesn’t reinvent the wheel in terms of gameplay but provides a solid update to its polished engine. Improvements include an updated roster presentation, new weapons, enhanced AI, and the introduction of the super finisher mechanic. The game also features realistic referee models, adding to the overall authenticity.


In the story-driven MyRise mode, players embark on a journey filled with choices and challenges that impact their wrestler’s storyline. Completing optional challenges rewards players with attire unlocks and attribute points to enhance their character’s abilities.

The mode focuses on defying the odds, challenging Roman Reigns, and navigating the intricate world of WWE with superstar cameos and engaging plots. Players can customize their wrestler’s appearance and alter their persona based on the decisions made throughout the narrative.


The Showcase mode delves into 40 years of Wrestlemania history, allowing players to experience iconic moments from wrestling’s past. Featuring legends like Kurt Angle and Stone Cold Steve Austin, the mode offers insight and nostalgia through reenactments of classic matches.

My GM/Universe Mode

For players who enjoy managing rosters and booking shows, My GM and Universe Mode provide a platform for creative control. Universe Mode offers new stipulations and features to enhance the booking experience, while GM Mode challenges players to build the most prestigious brand in WWE.


The online gameplay remains solid, with new match types like casket and ambulance matches adding variety. The Guest Referee match stands out as a fun and interactive mode, allowing players to influence the outcome of the match.


Despite occasional server issues, WWE 2k24 delivers a visually stunning and immersive wrestling experience. With a diverse roster, engaging game modes, and improved gameplay mechanics, the game offers hours of entertainment for wrestling fans. Defying Roman and completing Cody’s story adds an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

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