Disney Dreamlight Valley Dev Gameloft Making Dungeons & Dragons Survival Sim Game

Gameloft partners with Wizards of the Coast for new Dungeons & Dragons game

Gameloft, the studio behind Disney Dreamlight Valley, has announced a collaboration with Wizards of the Coast to develop a new Dungeons & Dragons game. This upcoming game is said to be a fusion of survival, life simulation, and action RPG genres, and it’s currently in development for consoles and PC.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has gained popularity in the life simulation genre for its entertaining gameplay, unique customization options, and integration of Disney elements. Since its full release in December following an Early Access period in 2022, the game has captured the interest of players. If you’re a fan of Disney Dreamlight Valley and Dungeons & Dragons, this new game is definitely one to watch out for.

Setting and Gameplay Details

The game, set in the mythical Forgotten Realms – the same world as Baldur’s Gate 3, promises a blend of survival, life simulation, and action RPG mechanics. According to Gameloft’s Instagram announcement, the title will offer “unique cooperative gameplay” and take players on an adventure filled with resilience, camaraderie, and constant danger.

Though the project remains unnamed and lacks a specific release window, Gameloft is actively recruiting talents to work on the game.

Revisiting the D&D Universe

News of this collaboration comes following reports of Wizards of the Coast canceling five unannounced games last year. The upcoming D&D game from Gameloft will be the latest addition to the franchise, succeeding the release of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance in 2021. If you’re curious about our thoughts on the last D&D game, check out Game Informer’s review.

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