Helldivers 2 players trick developers by hiding their true feelings about LAS-16

What Makes the LAS-16 Stand Out in Helldivers 2?

The LAS-16 Sickle is a new energy weapon introduced by Arrowhead Game Studios as part of the Cutting Edge Premium Warbond. With recent nerfs hitting some favorite weapons like the Railcannon and Breaker Shotgun, players are on the lookout for new tools to add to their loadouts. Enter the LAS-16, a weapon that has sparked a heated debate among Helldivers.

Reddit user u/RocketBilly13 ignited the discussion by labeling the LAS-16 as “possibly the worst gun ever released” in a recent thread. While the criticism is valid, the ensuing comments reveal a mixed bag of opinions – some players find the weapon to be quite strong, while others are less convinced. As with any new addition, it will take time for the true potential of the LAS-16 to be gauged.

If you’re eager to give the LAS-16 a try yourself, you’ll need to unlock the Cutting Edge Warbond first. Premium Warbonds come at a cost of 1000 Super Credits, which can be earned through missions or purchased. Once you have the Warbond, you can acquire the LAS-16 for 20 Warbonds.

Despite the excitement surrounding new weapons like the LAS-16, Arrowhead Game Studios’ approach to balancing gameplay continues to stir debate within the Helldivers community. While some welcome the shift away from dominant weapons like the Breaker Shotgun, others remain critical of recent nerfs and changes.

Arrowhead Game Studios has shown a willingness to shake up the meta with bold adjustments, keeping players on their toes and ensuring that the battle for Democracy remains intense. Embrace the power of the LAS-16 while you can, and let your actions shape the ongoing conflict in Helldivers 2.