Outcast: A New Beginning Review

Remember Outcast? A New Beginning Revives the Sci-Fi Camp

Outcast: A New Beginning is a game that embraces sci-fi camp in a world that combines the budget and feel of Stargate SG-1 with a touch of Avatar, all while adding a jetpack and a sprinkle of humor. While the main story can drag on with mundane fetch quests and email-like missions, the game makes up for it with a playful arsenal of weapon modifiers and a range of movement abilities reminiscent of Just Cause games to entertain players as they travel from point A to point B.

Continuing the Legacy

Appeal Studios, the developer of Outcast: A New Beginning, pays tribute to the original 1999 Outcast by creating a sequel set on the same planet, Adelpha. The protagonist, Cutter Slade, returns with a wiped memory, allowing new and old players alike to delve into the alien world with fresh eyes. The game offers a new beginning for both Slade and the players, making it easy to jump into the universe without prior knowledge.

Exploring the World of Adelpha

Slade, a quippy character reminiscent of a cut-rate Hugh Laurie, navigates through Adelpha with an arsenal of gear, including a jetpack and energy shield. The game shines when it comes to movement mechanics, offering an array of abilities for players to traverse the open-world map. From boosting and gliding to soaring on a flying creature known as “Squishy Appa,” the freedom of movement adds a layer of satisfaction to the gameplay experience.

Colorful, Yet Flawed

The world of Adelpha boasts a variety of environments, from jungles to deserts, with a cartoonish style that adds vibrancy to the game. However, despite its colorful design, the visuals can be inconsistent, even on high-end hardware. Performance issues like frequent hitches and pop-ins can detract from the overall immersion, especially during fast-paced gameplay.

Engaging with the Talans

Interacting with the native Talan population in Adelpha provides a plethora of voiced dialogue and quests, offering players a glimpse into the quirky alien society. While the conversations can be lengthy and repetitive, the humor and charm of the Talans shine through, making each encounter a unique experience filled with cheesy voice acting and comical misunderstandings.

Weapon Customization and Combat

Outcast offers a flexible weapon customization system, allowing players to upgrade their arsenal with various modifiers and enhancements. Combat remains engaging, thanks to a diverse range of enemies and challenging encounters. However, the lack of dynamic enemy interactions and boss fights leaves room for improvement in adding depth to the combat experience.

Final Thoughts

Despite its flaws, Outcast: A New Beginning delivers an entertaining sci-fi adventure filled with humor, exploration, and engaging gameplay mechanics. While it may not appeal to everyone, fans of open-world action games with a touch of campy charm are sure to find enjoyment in the quirky world of Adelpha.