Best weapon builds in Outcast A New Beginning

How to unlock weapon module slots in Outcast A New Beginning

In order to unlock more weapon module slots and upgrade your weapon modules, you will need Nano-Cells. The best way to farm Nano-Cells is by defeating enemies at bases. You can do this quickly and easily, and you will always find one weapon module in the green box in an enemy base. Utilizing the jetpack glider can make this process more enjoyable.

Outcast A New Beginning: Best weapon mod customizations

There are numerous weapon modules available in Outcast – A New Beginning. By unlocking four weapon module slots on your guns and slotting in various weapon modules you encounter throughout your adventures, you can create powerful builds. According to the developers, here are some of the best weapon module combinations:

  • Crazy Overpowered
    • Multi-Shots – Fire a salvo of projectiles.
    • Smart Bullet – Fires homing projectiles.
    • Explosive Payload – Projectiles explode on impact and deal area damage.
  • Methodic and Deadly
    • Electric Orb – Fires a slow-moving orb that deals damage to close enemies.
    • Charged Shot – Replaces auto-fire with a manual shot that can be charged by holding the weapon trigger.
    • Scope – Gives the weapon zoom capabilities.
  • Quick and Well-Balanced
    • Stabilizer – Greatly reduces weapon’s recoil.
    • Machine Gun – Increases fire rate and allows firing when overheated at the cost of extra ammo.
    • Concussive Shot – Increases the damage and chances of stunning droids.
  • Passive Income
    • Healing Salve – Projectiles give back health after killing an enemy.
    • Magnetic Tracker – Hit enemies to mark them. Marked enemies will attract bullets.
    • Helidium Saver – Reduces Helidium consumption when firing.
  • Creating Mayhem
    • Frenzy – Killing enemies improves your weapon’s damage and fire rate for a short duration.
    • Shotgun Barrel – Shoots a wide spread of projectiles.
    • Sticky Mines – Projectiles release proximity mines on impact.
  • Master of Precision
    • Headshot Booster – Projectiles deal more damage on weak points.
    • Scope – Gives the weapon zoom capabilities.
    • Charged Shot – Replaces auto-fire with a manual shot that can be charged by holding the weapon trigger.

Feel free to use any of the builds listed above or treat them as a starting point for your own experimentation. Whichever route you choose, optimizing your graphics settings will enhance your overall gaming experience.