How To Beat The Terminid Control Tower Mission

Helldivers 2 recently rolled out a new patch, introducing a fresh Major Order tasking all Helldivers with venturing to the Barrier Planets to commence activation of the Terminid Control Systems scattered across the Umlaut sector. Players are curious about the mechanics of this mission, so we delve into the details of the Terminid Control Tower mission in this article, offering strategies to enhance effectiveness. But first, let’s explore the adjustments made to Chargers with this latest patch.

Terminid Heavy Nerfs

In accordance with the patch notes, Arrowhead Games implemented nerfs to Chargers and the Bile Titan, particularly reducing spawn rates on higher difficulties. The Charger’s head health has been decreased to the extent that hitting it with the Recoilless Rifle or the Expendable Anti Tank guarantees a one-shot kill. However, the alteration in Terminid spawn rates has led to increased sightings of Hunters following the patch. Ensure your squad loadout is diverse to tackle the challenges ahead.

Terminid Control Tower Guide

When embarking on this mission, take a moment to deploy your support weapons and backpacks as the initial phase tends to be relatively calm before the primary objective kicks in. Similar to the Eradication and Research Team evacuation missions, this mission unfolds on its distinct map.

To initiate progress on the objective, locate a button resembling the civilian evacuation buttons at the base of the central tower. An indicator will point you in the button’s direction. Once the central tower is activated, proceed to the three battery silos encircling the central tower – Battery Silo 1, Battery Silo 2, and Battery Silo 3. Commence by pressing the button near Battery Silo 1.

Defend the Silo from Terminid assaults, as it possesses a limited health pool. If the Silo sustains significant damage, you will need to restart the activation process for that specific silo. Expect a Bug Breach near the Silo each time you trigger the defense event, preparing to combat successive waves of bugs. Progress to Silo 2 and repeat the process, then proceed to Silo 3.

Once all three Silos are fully operational, head to the extraction point and utilize the nearby terminal to commence the purgation protocols for the TCS. Following this, you can summon your extraction vehicle. These steps outline the core mechanics of the Terminid Control System mission.

Strategies for the Terminid Control Tower Mission

Given the absence of civilian friendly fire concerns, sentry guns hold significant value in this mission. The EMS Mortar, in particular, proves beneficial by immobilizing bugs and priming them for regular mortar strikes. By impeding bug movement, you prevent them from reaching the objective.

With spawn rates affected by the patch, expect chaff-type enemies to appear in larger numbers during Bug Breachers. Equip mass clearance tools like an Eagle Cluster Bomb or an Orbital Airburst to alleviate pressure on the Battery Silos. The Stalwart, Machine Gun, Arc Thrower, and Flamethrower present viable options for dealing with Bug Breaches. Additionally, the Recoilless Rifle and EAT-17 reclaim their status as top anti-Charger and Bile Titan weapons for Difficulty 6 and beyond, necessitating at least one team member wielding these support weapons.

The EXO-44 mech emerges as highly effective against all Terminid adversaries with its precise minigun and 14-round capacity rocket launcher. It boasts sufficient ammo to tackle enemies equivalent to one or two Silos. Be vigilant for Spewers in the mission; prioritize eliminating this foe as its acid attack can swiftly destroy your mech if it draws near. Aim for the head with the minigun and reserve your rockets for tougher enemies like Chargers and Bile Titans.

On lower difficulties, consider dividing your squad to concurrently complete all three Battery Silos for faster progress and increased experience and Requisition gains. However, on Difficulty 6 and beyond, anticipate heavier enemy spawns, including Bile Titans on the current objective. Consequently, team cohesion becomes vital to combat the growing threat effectively.