Lightyear Frontier Early Access Review

Exploring the Alien World of Lightyear Frontier

Imagine having your own frontier world to explore with just your friends, an agricultural mech, and a chatty satellite AI as your companions. This is the premise of Lightyear Frontier, a cozy crafting exploration game with a unique mech-based twist to farming. While mechs in civilian use are not a new concept, Lightyear Frontier takes a fresh approach to it, offering players a fun romp around an alien world filled with customization and decoration.

Fun with Mechs

The mech in Lightyear Frontier adds a new dimension of enjoyment to the game. It offers a different perspective on crafting and exploration, allowing players to experience the world from a towering height. Driving the mech is a gratifying experience, reminiscent of operating a large piece of machinery. However, the static, non-functional control panel in the digital cockpit is a minor disappointment.

Peaceful Gaming Experience

Lightyear Frontier distinguishes itself as a purely peaceful game, devoid of any combat or time pressure. The game encourages players to explore, discover, and enjoy the tranquil pace of life on the alien planet. Its focus on relaxation and immersion in the beautifully crafted world sets it apart from other games in the genre.

Mech Tools and Equipment

The variety of tools and equipment available for the mech in Lightyear Frontier adds depth to the gameplay. From chainsaw-slash-stake-drivers to sapling cannons, each tool serves a unique purpose in the farming and exploration process. The dual-function tools, such as the giant vacuum and water spraying cannon, offer creative ways to interact with the environment and enhance the player’s experience.

Cleaning Up and Exploration

Aside from farming and crafting, players must also clean up pollution left behind by previous inhabitants of the planet. This task unlocks new regions to explore, each offering resources for building, upgrades, and further exploration. Interactions with quirky characters and the discovery of ancient ruins provide additional depth to the game’s narrative.

Unsatisfying Story Ending

While the overall gameplay experience in Lightyear Frontier is engaging, the Early Access story falls short with a lackluster ending. The narrative feels rushed and underdeveloped, leaving players wanting more depth and substance to the storytelling. However, the potential for future expansion and improvement is evident, promising a more fulfilling narrative in the future.

Post-Story Activities

Despite the shortcomings in the story, Lightyear Frontier excels in providing post-story activities that keep players engaged. With a wide range of decorations, customization options, and new areas to explore, the game offers endless opportunities for players to continue building and expanding their virtual world.

Decorating and Customization

One of the highlights of Lightyear Frontier is the extensive range of decorations and customization options available to players. From changing the appearance of the mech to decorating the landscape with unique structures and embellishments, the game encourages creativity and personalization in gameplay.