You can win an incredible Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X – but it doesn’t actually work

Microsoft Xbox Series X Final Fantasy 14 Sweepstake

Microsoft is currently hosting a sweepstake competition for a visually stunning Final Fantasy 14-inspired console bundle featuring a customized Xbox Series X and Xbox Wireless Controller – with a major twist.

Hidden in the competition’s extensive terms and conditions, observant participants have discovered that the console bundle is purely for aesthetic purposes and is not functional for gameplay. The prize details specify that the “custom-designed Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X console bundle” is labeled as “non-functional” and intended to be displayed as art rather than used for gaming.

Interestingly, the winner will also receive a separate functioning Xbox Series X console bundle, along with a copy of Final Fantasy 14 Online Collector’s Edition and a 12-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership. Microsoft values the combined prize at $1,319.93 USD.

This brings up the question of what the winner should do with the non-functional Final Fantasy 14 Xbox Series X. It could serve as a decoration in their gaming space or proudly showcased in their living area.

While the revelation may be disappointing, the unique design of the console, featuring a custom golden base and glowing blue crystals, likely posed challenges in maintaining functionality. As for the custom Xbox Wireless Controller, which looks standard with a unique graphic print on the faceplate, its functionality remains uncertain.

To participate in the competition, head over to Twitter / X, follow both the official Xbox and Final Fantasy 14 accounts, and repost the original announcement post with the hashtag ‘XboxFFXIVSweepstakes’.

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