All special order potions in Genshin Impact Alchemical Ascension

Genshin Impact: Crafting Special Order Potions in Alchemical Ascension

As you participate in Alchemical Ascension in Genshin Impact, you will encounter the need to brew potions for certain customers. This guide will detail all the special order potions required in the event.

Reminder: Not all phases are unlocked at the moment, but once they are, we will provide you with information about all the special customers.

Phase 1 – Beidou and Eula

During cycles 8-10, Beidou and Eula will visit your potion shop. Beidou specifically requests a potion with Constitution efficacy or that exudes Relaxing characteristics. At this stage, you should be equipped to brew Intermediate potions, so aim for an Intermediate Constitution Potion.

To achieve the exact recipe, follow a similar arrangement to maximize the potency of your potion. You can stack two ingredients on one square, so make use of this feature. The necessary ingredients include:

  • x2 Special Sweet Flower (Constitution/Strengthening)
  • x2 Special Dandelion (Dexterity/Relaxing)
  • x2 Special Calla Lily (Constitution/Steadying)
  • Recommended additions: x3 Special Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)

While I didn’t incorporate the Special Mushrooms in my potion, there is room to include three of them. This can enhance your Tuning Rate and result in a higher-quality potion.

Phase 2 – Diona and Venti

During Cycles 14-16, Diona and Venti will make special requests. Diona is seeking a potion with Wisdom efficacy or that showcases Steadying characteristics, which can be achieved by crafting an Intermediate Constitution and Wisdom Potion.

For this special order, I utilized the following ingredients:

  • x4 Special Calla Lily (Constitution/Steadying)
  • x3 Special Windwheel Aster (Wisdom/Technique)
  • x2 Special Qingxin (Wisdom/Healing)

After placing the potion in a Heartstopping Heart Bottle and adding a Windwheel Aster’s Aroma, I obtained an Intermediate Constitution & Wisdom Potion +7, satisfying Diona’s requirements and earning a generous reward.

Phase 2 – Diluc

In the final phase of Phase 2, Diluc will arrive during Cycle 18 and request a potion with Constitution and Wisdom efficacy or that demonstrates Focus and Relaxing characteristics. Opting for an Intermediate Constitution & Wisdom Potion is a viable choice.

If you prefer a potion with Focus and Relaxing characteristics, ingredients like Special Zaytun Peach or Special Berry can be used. However, for a Constitution & Wisdom Potion, you will need the following ingredients:

  • x3 Special Qingxin (Wisdom/Healing)
  • x2 Special Calla Lily (Constitution/Steadying)
  • x2 Special Mushroom (Balanced/Endurance)
  • x1 Special Sweet Flower (Constitution/Strengthening)
  • x1 Special Windwheel Aster (Wisdom/Technique)
  • x1 Special Violetgrass (Constitution/Fragrant)

Upon crafting this potion and placing it in an Angled Drop Bottle with a Resplendent as a Crystalfly accessory, I obtained an Intermediate Constitution & Wisdom Potion +10, impressing Diluc and receiving a substantial reward.

If you continue to sell potions successfully, you may even earn the Dialogues of the Desert Sages polearm for free!