Indie hit Poker game Balatro is also coming to iPhone

Exciting News for Balatro Fans: The Roguelike Poker Game is Coming to iPhone

The highly acclaimed roguelike poker game Balatro is set to make its debut on iPhone, much to the delight of fans. Despite facing some controversy around its rating, Balatro has been a massive success since its release on Steam last month, garnering “overwhelmingly positive” reviews. Now, players who prefer gaming on-the-go will be able to enjoy Balatro on their iOS devices.

Balatro – Launch Trailer | THE POKER ROGUELIKE

Balatro – Launch Trailer.

Developer Localthunk has not revealed an exact release date for the iOS version yet. However, they did mention in an interview with iMore that upcoming updates for the game may include “possibly more secrets” and hinted at exploring a “new and interesting design space” that they are passionate about. Localthunk expressed their enthusiasm for continuing to work on Balatro, stating, “I love the idea of creating twisted versions of other familiar games.”

During a recent AMA session on Reddit, Localthunk addressed the controversy surrounding the game’s rating by PEGI, which led to its removal from sale in certain regions. Despite disagreeing with the rating, Localthunk acknowledged the interpretation grey area and commented on the inconsistency in how certain games with gambling mechanics are rated differently based on appearance/theme.

Our review of Balatro on Eurogamer praised the game, stating, “Over the last few weeks, it has taken over the gaming world completely, and I can see why. A poker roguelike is such a brilliant idea you almost don’t need to make it to see how clever it is. There are a few of these, and Balatro is comfortably the best I’ve played. It really is ingenious – and it’s also ingeniously simple.”