Indie RPG Sea of Stars is getting a co-op mode

Sabotage Studio Teases Co-op Mode for Sea of Stars RPG

Sabotage Studio, the developers behind the indie RPG Sea of Stars, have recently announced that the game has reached an impressive milestone of over five million players. Along with this achievement, they have teased an upcoming co-op mode for the game.

A new trailer showcasing the co-op mode, named “Single Player+”, was released on March 13 to commemorate the significant player base. This mode will allow players to explore Sea of Stars with up to two other companions. A sneak peek of the multiplayer traversal can be seen in the teaser video below:

While the new mode aims to stay true to the core turn-based gameplay of the original game, it will introduce a fresh mechanic called “Co-op timed hits” during combat encounters. More details about this feature are expected to be revealed soon. Based on the name, it appears to be a time-based special move that will require coordinated efforts from all players to execute successfully.

Positive Reception for Sea of Stars

The team at TechRadar Gaming had a positive reception to Sea of Stars upon its initial release in August last year. In our review of the game, Staff Writer Cat Bussell awarded it a glowing four out of five stars. The review highlighted the engaging combat mechanics, captivating soundtrack, charming pixel art visuals, and delightful narrative elements.

Although the game found its place among the best JRPGs, the review did point out a couple of flaws including the lack of character customization and the slightly unremarkable dual protagonists. While the upcoming co-op mode may not directly address these issues, playing with a friend is expected to enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Availability and Access

The upcoming update for Sea of Stars will be accessible on all platforms where the game is currently available, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

For those interested in trying out the game before the update, Sea of Stars is included in Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, and PlayStation Plus Extra Premium membership tiers. Subscribers to these services can enjoy the game at no additional cost.

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