Old School RuneScape (OSRS) – How to Get a Cat

How to Obtain a Feline Companion in Old School RuneScape

There’s nothing quite like having a loyal feline friend accompany you on your adventures in Old School RuneScape. Cats in the game serve as pets that will dutifully follow your character around, much like the elusive boss and skilling pets.

Unlike other pets in the game, cats require care and attention to reach adulthood. However, acquiring a cat is a straightforward process.

To acquire a cat in OSRS, you must complete the “Gertrude’s Cat” quest. Upon completion, you will receive a kitten that you can nurture into a fully grown cat.

How to Obtain a Cat in OSRS

To acquire a cat in Old School RuneScape, you must first embark on the “Gertrude’s Cat” quest. This quest is simple and does not have any specific quest or skilling requirements.

Gertrude can be found in her residence just southwest of the West Varrock Bank. After assisting her in locating her missing cat and returning it to her, she will reward you with a kitten.

With your new feline companion, you can now begin the journey of caring for your kitten as it grows into a cat!

Raising Your Kitten Into a Cat

To ensure your kitten matures into a full-grown cat, you must regularly feed it with fish such as Sardines or Tuna. Neglecting its needs may result in the unfortunate demise of your pet, requiring you to start the process anew with another kitten.

Additionally, kittens require playtime to prevent boredom and potential escape. Interact with your kitten by “Petting” or “Playing” with it while it follows you around.

If needed, additional kittens can be purchased from Gertrude for 100gp each. However, only one kitten can be held at a time.

Raising a cat in OSRS

With proper care, a kitten will take approximately three hours to grow into an Adult Cat. Once fully grown, cats no longer require feeding and will remain by your side without disappearing.

Continued feeding and play will enable your cat to progress through different stages, such as “Overgrown,” “Wily,” and eventually “Lazy” cats. Upon completing the “Evil Dave” subquest in “Recipe for Disaster,” you can transform your cat into a formidable “Hellcat” variant.

Utilizing Cats in OSRS

In Old School RuneScape, cats serve various purposes, including aiding in the completion of several quests such as:

  • Icthlarin’s Little Helper
  • Ratcatchers
  • A Tail of Two Cats
  • Recipe for Disaster – Evil Dave subquest

For Ironman accounts or new players seeking easy gold, cats can be exchanged for 100 Death Runes with individuals in West Ardougne. Completion of the Easy Tier Ardougne Achievement Diary increases the reward to 200 Death Runes.

That wraps up how to obtain and raise a cat in Old School RuneScape! Share your thoughts or suggestions in the comments below.