Should You Execute Or Spare Mandrin In Unicorn Overlord?

When faced with the Winged Quest in Unicorn Overlord, players are presented with a difficult decision involving the character Mandrin. This quest not only allows players to battle Ochlys but also offers the opportunity to recruit her later. The choice between executing or sparing Mandrin presents players with different rewards, making it essential to consider which option aligns best with their gameplay style.

As the final part of the Winged Quest, deciding Mandrin’s fate will be challenging. On one hand, players can recruit Mandrin, while on the other hand, they can receive rewards to recruit Ochlys. This decision may be tough, but weighing the potential rewards is crucial.

Effects of Executing Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord

What Happens if you Execute or Free Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord
Image via Nintendo

If players choose to execute Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord, they will receive approval from Ochlys along with a reward of 15 Divine Shards. These shards serve as valuable currency that can be used to purchase rare items or saved up to recruit Ochlys to the player’s team.

Effects of Sparing Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord

Opting to free Mandrin will result in him becoming an ally later in the game. While he may not be the most powerful character, as a Sniper class, he can still be beneficial, especially for players who have yet to acquire top-tier characters.

Choosing Between Executing or Sparing Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord

Based on experience, it is recommended to execute Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord. The 15 Divine Shards provided as a reward are highly valuable currency that can greatly benefit players. Additionally, recruiting Ochlys, who offers more support than Mandrin, becomes easier with this choice.

This guide covers all the essential information for making the decision regarding Mandrin in Unicorn Overlord. For more guides on Unicorn Overlord and other games, be sure to explore our collection at Gamer Tweak.