EAC or Source Engine Vulnerability?

Apex Legends Tournament Halted Due to Streamers Being Hacked

During the recent ALGS tournament, Apex Legends faced a major setback when several streamers were hacked mid-competition. The hackers remotely injected cheats like aimbot and wall-hack, leading to the postponement of the tournament. Speculations are rife about the origin of these hacks, with some pointing fingers at the Easy Anti-Cheat software.

ALGS Streamers Got Hacked

Two pro players in the North American Finals, ImperialHal and Genburten, were unexpectedly given cheats during their matches. This forced them to quit the game to maintain the integrity of the tournament. As a result, Respawn and EA decided to pause the NA Finals to investigate the unprecedented incident.

Players have raised concerns about the game’s Anti-Cheat system failing, with reports of viruses being found on PCs post the hack incident. The trust in Respawn and EA’s integrity is at stake, especially as the source of the hacks remains unknown.

EAC Might Be Compromised

While the cause of the hacks is yet to be confirmed, suspicions are brewing around the Easy Anti-Cheat system. Reports suggest that the hacks may have been injected via an RCE exploit, allowing hackers to remotely control PCs.

Players are advised to take precautions, including changing personal details and uninstalling EA-related games until the issue is resolved.

EA Confident About Their Anti-Cheat

EA has expressed confidence that the RCE issue did not originate from their Anti-Cheat system. However, doubts linger as the source of the vulnerability could stem from the servers or the Source Engine.

Further investigations are underway to identify and patch any vulnerabilities that may exist.

Source Engine Vulnerability More Likely

Speculations point towards a vulnerability in the Source Engine, which many believe is the root cause of the hacks. Respawn may need to update their engine to protect against RCE attacks.

While uncertainties remain, players are urged to remain cautious and refrain from playing EA titles until the issue is resolved.

Who are the Hackers

Speculations suggest that the hacks may be linked to a notorious individual named Destroyer 2009. However, the intentions and motives of the hackers remain unclear.

What to Do For Now

In light of the recent hacks, players are advised to uninstall Apex Legends and conduct thorough virus scans on their PCs. It is recommended to avoid playing EA games until further updates are provided by the developers.

Prioritizing the resolution of this issue is crucial to restore players’ faith in the game and the developers.