Monopoly Go Devs Spent More On Marketing Than It Cost To Develop The Last Of Us 2

Monopoly Go Mobile Game Generates Over $2 Billion in Revenue

Monopoly Go, a free-to-play mobile game, has exceeded expectations by bringing in over $2 billion in revenue within its first 10 months of release. Developed by Scopely, the game has proven to be a massive success in the mobile gaming industry.

Scopely’s senior VP of publishing, Eric Wood, recently shared insights into the game’s marketing strategy and the significant investment made in user acquisition. With a staggering $500 million spent on marketing efforts, Monopoly Go has managed to stand out in a competitive market.

According to Scopely co-CEO Javier Ferreira, the marketing team adopted a hyperlocal approach by creating customized marketing campaigns for each region where the game was available. This personalized strategy proved to be effective in engaging players from diverse backgrounds.

Unlike traditional marketing campaigns that may take months or even years to see a return on investment, Monopoly Go’s approach allowed the game to recoup its spending within a matter of days or weeks. This rapid growth and profitability set it apart from other titles in the mobile gaming landscape.

The success of Monopoly Go highlights the immense scale at which mobile games operate, with revenue numbers surpassing even those of blockbuster AAA titles. The game’s $2 billion milestone solidifies its position as a top performer in the mobile gaming market.