Raft – How Many Story Islands Are There?

How Many Story Islands Are There in Raft?

Raft presents players with an immersive open-world survival experience, as they navigate the vast ocean in search of essential resources and safe havens for their group.

Throughout the game, players will journey through various story islands, unraveling the game’s lore, acquiring new recipes, and unveiling the coordinates of the next destination.

Chapter Breakdown

Currently, Raft consists of three chapters, each delivering significant updates that introduce new story islands:

  • Chapter 1: Radio Tower, Vasagatan, and Balboa Island.
  • Chapter 2: introduces two detailed islands with unique mechanics.
  • Chapter 3: Varuna Point, Temperance, and Utopia concluding the storyline.

To initiate the story in Raft, players must engage with the game for a minimum of 30 minutes (equivalent to 1.5 in-game days) to acquire the blueprint for the Receiver and Antenna.

Utilizing the Receiver, players can locate both normal and story islands, beginning their journey towards uncovering the mysteries within Raft.

Upon reaching the Radio Tower, players are tasked with discovering the truth about the world’s state, setting off a chain of events that lead to the exploration of subsequent story islands.

As players progress through each island, they will delve deeper into the narrative, unlock valuable blueprints, and unveil new coordinates guiding them to the next destination.

Upon reaching the final story island, Utopia, the game transitions into an open-world setting, granting players the freedom to chart their course and pursue various activities, such as hunting special creatures for trophies and completing all achievements present in Raft.

With the conclusion of Utopia, players are free to steer their own adventure, whether it involves revisiting past story islands or embarking on new endeavors across the ocean.

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