All Renown rewards in World of Warcraft Plunderstorm

Unlocking Exclusive Pirate Gear

Players in Keg Leg’s Crew have the opportunity to unlock exclusive pirate gear to enhance their plundering adventures. From deadly daggers to swashbuckling titles, there is something for every member of the crew to enjoy.

1. Deadly Dagger

This item unlocks the Deadly Dagger appearance, granting you the tools you need to start plundering like a true pirate.

2. Swabbie’s Gloves

Receive the Swabbie title along with the Swabbie’s Gloves appearance. These leather gloves will help you grab loot with ease as an official member of the crew.

3. Surefooted Boots

These boots provide stability on both the ship and land, ensuring you can keep your footing during any adventure.

4. Quilted Breeches

Upgrade your wardrobe with the Quilted Breeches appearance, offering a new pair of pants to cushion your landings.

5. Calcified Claymore

Unlock the appearance of the Calcified Claymore, a powerful sword perfect for completing quests in Valdrakken.

6. Spun Cotton Shirt

Acquire the appearance of the Spun Cotton Shirt and unlock the Happy Battle Pet to add a touch of joy to your plundering escapades.

7. Skulker’s Cloak

Embrace the shadows with the Skulker’s Cloak appearance, allowing you to stay hidden while navigating treacherous waters.

8. Copper Cannon

Gain the appearance of the Copper Cannon to make plundering easier with a powerful sidearm by your side.

9. Warm Woolen Cap

Keep warm during your pirate adventures with the appearance of the Warm Woolen Cap, a must-have for any swashbuckler.

10. Silver Tidestallion

Ride the waves with the underwater mount Silver Tidestallion and earn the Swashbuckler title as a testament to your daring exploits.

11. Bubbles

Bring home the adorable Bubbles pet and watch out for the pointy end when unlocking the Pinchy the Plunderer pet in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

12. Swindler’s Cutouts

Show off your sleight of hand skills with the appearance of the Swindler’s Cutouts, perfect for a pirate with a knack for trickery.