Best ways to earn Event Points in COD Warzone Mobile

COD Warzone Mobile: Ways to maximize Event Points

To enhance your experience while playing COD Warzone Mobile, it’s important to not only focus on shooting other players or staying alive, but also to participate in events that offer rewards for your efforts. One key aspect of these events is earning Event Points (EP), which can be achieved through various in-game activities.

How to optimize Event Points

When aiming to earn EP in COD Warzone Mobile, it’s crucial to engage in activities within contested zones on the map. Whether it’s eliminating other players, completing contracts, landing headshots, or purchasing blueprints from buy stations, each action contributes to your EP tally. In order to make the most of your EP earning potential, it’s important to follow certain strategies.

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One effective tactic is to focus on completing contracts within contested zones, as they provide a substantial amount of EP and potentially bonus XP for your team. Additionally, staying mobile and actively pursuing objectives will help accumulate points more quickly, making your EP goals more achievable.

Keep an eye out for supply crates that periodically drop in the game. These crates contain valuable gear and items, making them worth chasing after. Furthermore, tactical boosts scattered throughout the map can enhance your EP earnings, potentially doubling your points when combined with specific activities like completing contracts.

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One unique aspect of EP in COD Warzone Mobile is that all players are rewarded regardless of their playstyle, fostering a sense of community engagement. By working together to achieve milestones such as securing contested zones, players can earn exclusive rewards like the coveted Golden Phantom Ghost Operator skin.

Additionally, winning contested zones grants access to weapons blueprints outside of the Arsenal Store, offering players new customization options and gameplay enhancements. For those looking to enhance their gaming experience in COD Warzone Mobile, unlocking achievements like the Hunger Pains skin in MW3 can provide a valuable guide to maximize your progress.

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