MLB The Show 24 Review

One of the most inspiring stories in baseball history is that of Hank Aaron, as told in his autobiography, I Had a Hammer. From swinging sticks at bottlecaps due to poverty to becoming the all-time home run king against the backdrop of segregation, Aaron’s journey is a quintessential tale of baseball’s romance. Sony San Diego’s MLB The Show, an annual baseball simulation game, masterfully captures this essence. The game’s reverence for history and love of the sport truly shine through in its best moments. Despite a few missteps, MLB The Show 24 stands as another stellar entry in the premier sports gaming franchise of today.

The gameplay in The Show remains top-notch, maintaining the high standard set by the previous year’s installment. Offering multiple control options and difficulty settings allows players to tailor their experience to their liking. Advanced settings like Zone Hitting reward skilled players with greater influence over the game’s outcome. The game’s visuals and sound design are still impressive, with a television-like presentation that immerses players in the action. The thrill of a “perfect-perfect” hit never gets old, and the updated lighting system adds vibrancy and realism to the game.

MLB The Show 24 – PS5 Screenshots

Baseball is a dynamic sport, constantly evolving to reflect modern changes. MLB The Show does an admirable job of keeping up with these changes, such as incorporating new rules like pitch clocks and shifts, along with the emergence of two-way players like Shohei Ohtani. The dedication to authenticity, including details like slightly larger bases and new rules around pickoff attempts, sets MLB The Show apart as a true-to-life baseball experience.

The new slow motion Impact Plays look spectacular.

One standout addition in MLB The Show 24 is the Impact Plays feature, highlighting the importance of great defensive plays in baseball. This feature focuses on diving catches, difficult throws, and challenging fielding situations, providing a thrilling gameplay experience. Impact Plays occur during key moments, allowing players to showcase their skills through quick time events. Pulling off a spectacular play feels rewarding and adds depth to the gameplay.