The Finals’ first update of season 2 introduces map selection in private matches and a ban progression system

The Latest Updates for The Finals Season 2

The latest patch for The Finals season two has just been released, bringing a host of new features and improvements to the game. Embark Studios has shared the patch notes for version 2.1.0, outlining changes to maps, introducing a new ban progression system, and highlighting the new Powershift game mode.

One of the major additions in this update is the ability to select maps in private matches, giving players more control over their gameplay experience. Additionally, Powershift will be getting new maps in the future, promising fresh settings for players to explore.

Several changes have been made to the game mode itself, including fixes for clipping jump pads and the addition of new traversal options to improve the overall gameplay experience.

While this update is not focused on major technical changes, there are some adjustments to weapons and gadgets. For example, the SA1216 has seen a decrease in fire rate and damage per pellet. Glitch Grenades and Glitch Traps will now trigger on impact when hitting mesh shields and dome shields, with the former bouncing off other surfaces.

The Finals version 2.1.0 Patch Notes:

Bug Fixes & Additions

Private matches:

  • Players can now select the map when starting a private match
  • Players will no longer be stuck trying to join the game server after leaving a private lobby
  • Various fixes related to crossplay settings and private match lobbies


  • Crash fix for audio-related crash

Power Shift Monaco:

  • Fixed jump pads clipping the streets on low/medium/high settings
  • Added a short zip line to improve traversal in closed areas


  • Various fixes and improvements to maps and gameplay mechanics

Weapons & Gadgets

  • Multiple fixes and improvements to weapon behavior and gadget functionality


  • Updates to hairstyles and clothing items to prevent clipping issues


  • Various fixes related to user interface and user experience


  • Fixes and improvements to audio cues and effects



  • SA1216: Decreased fire rate and damage per pellet


  • Glitch Grenades and Glitch Traps now trigger on impact with certain surfaces


  • Enhanced security measures and ban progression system