Invincible Season 2, Episode 6 Review – “It’s Not That Simple”

Invincible Season 2 Episode 6 Review

To describe the newest episode of Invincible as one of the best to date would place it among the ranks of the Season 1 finale. “It’s Not That Simple” strikes a perfect balance between intense action and quiet character moments. Compared to last week’s mid-season premiere, this episode excels in managing multiple action sequences while still focusing on crucial character development.

Plot Overview

Episode 6 continues where “This Must Come As a Shock” left off, with the Guardians facing a threat from Sequids on a Martian ship and their backup team on Earth dealing with the Lizard League. The dynamic space-set action features moments of fear and introspection from characters like Robot and Immortal intertwined with the chaos. The episode delves deeper into character complexities, especially with Robot trying to navigate his newfound human emotions while facing dilemmas in his relationships.

Character Development

For the first time, Immortal’s character is imbued with real pathos as he confronts his own shortcomings during a skirmish with Mark and deals with the loss of Dupli-Kate on Earth. The balance between the Martian and Earth storylines is expertly maintained, with both arcs coming to bloody but satisfying resolutions.

Relationship Drama and Emotional Growth

The episode explores the strained relationship between Mark and Amber, highlighting the challenges they face due to Mark’s superhero duties. Despite unresolved issues, the characters display growth and maturity in acknowledging their emotional distance. The potential for their relationship is still uncertain, but seeking advice from trusted allies offers hope for a possible reconciliation.

The Intriguing Subplots

Debbie’s storyline adds depth as she navigates the challenges of caring for Mark’s half-Thraxan baby brother, Oliver, amidst growing tensions with Cecil. The episode also delves into the trauma and repressed memories of characters like Rick and Donald, hinting at darker revelations to come. The looming presence of Nolan/Omni-Man and the impending galactic war set the stage for an explosive final pair of episodes.