Capcom acknowledges the poor performance of Dragon’s Dogma 2 on PC and promises fixes

Capcom addresses complaints about performance issues in Dragon’s Dogma 2 for PC

Long-awaited action role-playing game (RPG) sequel Dragon’s Dogma 2 hasn’t gotten off to a great start on PC, where users on Steam have been reporting widespread performance issues and crashes while playing.

Developer Capcom has responded to the complaints in a new Steam post, in which it “sincerely apologize[s] for any inconvenience” and outlines a plan to address some of the most pressing issues. First and foremost, the team is actively investigating and fixing “critical problems such as crashes and freezing” that are booting players from the game. These will be remedied “starting from those with the highest priority” via patches at some point in the near future.

Performance optimization and future updates

In addition to the crashes and freezes, some players have also been plagued with poor framerates – particularly in busy areas of the game’s sprawling open-world. Capcom explains that this is due to the “large amount of CPU usage” that is afforded to non-player character (NPC) simulation. It acknowledges that: “in certain situations where numerous characters appear simultaneously, the CPU usage can be very high and may affect the frame rate,” and are “looking into ways to improve performance in the future”.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 players currently don’t have the option to restart the game once they have begun playing. The developers “are looking at adding a feature” to facilitate this with more details to be announced. The post also provides a list of the paid downloadable content (DLC) items that can be purchased via the Steam store. 

Positive reviews and hope for improvement

We were big fans of Dragon’s Dogma 2 in our recent review, where Hardware Editor and long-time fan of the original Dragon’s Dogma Rhys Wood awarded the game four and a half out of five stars and described it as “challenging, thrilling, and constantly unpredictable.” While we did note some occasional spotty performance on the PlayStation 5 version, it definitely seems like PC users have it significantly worse.

We’re hopeful that these patches will arrive relatively soon to help iron out the performance woes and allow players on every platform to enjoy one of the best RPGs in recent memory.