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Hidden Relationship Mechanics in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Discover the intricate relationship mechanics in Dragon’s Dogma 2 that allow you to build Affinity with various characters, including the possibility of romancing some of them as you strengthen your bond.

Mastering the Affinity System

To navigate the Affinity system in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must engage in quests and gift-giving to the NPCs scattered across the game world. Each character has unique preferences, so choose your gifts wisely to increase your Affinity score.

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How to Give Gifts in Dragon’s Dogma 2

To give a gift in Dragon’s Dogma 2, simply hold the O/B button on PlayStation/Xbox to initiate a conversation with an NPC. During the dialogue, press the Square/X button to access the gift menu and select an item from your inventory to present. Be mindful of the gift’s suitability to avoid a decrease in your Affinity score.

Understanding Item Categories

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, items fall into specific categories such as Interesting, Adorable, Fancy, Expensive, Rare, and Beautiful, influencing how NPCs perceive them. Some items, like the Bunch of Flowers, universally boost Affinity regardless of individual tastes.

Comprehensive List of NPC Likes and Dislikes

NPCLocationLiked Item Types

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