Every character’s favorite gifts and items

Boosting Relationships in Rise of the Ronin

Establishing strong connections with your companions is essential for unlocking various combat styles and obtaining rare items in Rise of the Ronin. One of the most effective ways to endear yourself to someone is by giving them a gift.

Similar to many other role-playing games, in Rise of the Ronin, you can strengthen your bond with each ally by completing quests, engaging in conversations, and presenting them with gifts. However, it’s important to note that each character has unique preferences, so selecting the right gift is crucial.

Enhancing Bond Levels in Rise of the Ronin

As you advance through the main storyline of Rise of the Ronin, you’ll encounter historical figures like Sakamoto Ryoma and build relationships with them. Additionally, you can enlist allies like Gonzo in side quests, forming bonds with them too. Bringing these companions on missions and deepening your bond will unlock new combat styles for each weapon, provide valuable gear, and offer rare skill points.

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Choosing the correct dialogue options during main and side quests is crucial for deepening your bond with your allies. Once certain relationship milestones are reached, you’ll unlock bond missions, which are side quests focused on specific characters. While these missions provide significant bond bonuses, they alone may not elevate you to the maximum bond level. This is where gifting becomes important.

Top Gifts for Every Rise of the Ronin Character

When visiting a companion at the Longhouse or a base in Rise of the Ronin, you have the option to give them a gift instead of engaging in conversation. Keep in mind that this can only be done periodically, and each character has specific items they prefer, making your choice of gift critical.

The most beneficial gift to offer anyone in Rise of the Ronin is a Knot of Destiny, an item designed to boost bond levels with your allies. These are rare rewards obtained from quests and chests, and can also be purchased with silver coins from special vendors, such as the Official who handles fugitives. While we continue to discover everyone’s preferences in Rise of the Ronin, Knots of Destiny have emerged as the favored gifts for all characters.

CharacterFavorite Items
Aritomo YamagataTreasured Sake, The Four Books and Five Classics, Japanese Poetry Anthology, Knot of Destiny

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