Where to find Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley

Unveiling the Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley

Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley are a recent addition with the 1.6 update, offering players a chance to unlock treasure-filled surprises. However, these elusive boxes won’t make an appearance in the valley until specific criteria are met.

Locating Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley

According to the Stardew Valley Wiki, after spending 50 days in the valley or collecting a prize ticket, Mystery Boxes will be unlocked. Our own experience confirms this, as we encountered the Mystery Box cutscene on Summer 22 in Year 1. It’s uncertain if additional requirements are needed along with the prize ticket.

Following the unlock, a cutscene featuring Mr. Qi dropping these boxes throughout the valley will play while you sleep. Subsequently, you’ll come across these Mystery Boxes during routine tasks such as hoeing dig spots, fishing up treasure chests, defeating enemies, and mining rocks and ore. Additionally, rewards from events like Trout Derby and SquidFest may also yield Mystery Boxes.

Cracking Open Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley

Image: ConcernedApe via Polygon

To reveal the contents of Mystery Boxes, head to the blacksmith’s shop where Clint will help you crack them open for 25 gold each, much like with geodes. Inside, you can discover an array of items ranging from seasonal crop seeds and warp totems to coffee and even more Mystery Boxes, adding a fun twist to your regular farming routine.