Where to find the rest of the unfinished letter

A Veil of Gossamer Clouds: How to initiate the adventure

Before embarking on the journey to uncover unfinished letters and unravel mysterious quests, players must first complete the Feast of Deception and Masked Correspondence missions. These quests mark the end of Act 1 in Dragon’s Dogma and set the stage for the A Veil of Gossamer Clouds Sven quest. The latter is initiated by Sven, offering players a new set of challenges to overcome.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Upon successful completion of these preliminary quests, players will receive an invitation from an NPC linked to Sven. Alternatively, they can head directly to Sven’s chambers in Vernworth Castle to kickstart the adventure of uncovering the truth behind correspondence involving Queen Regent Disa, Sven’s mother.

Locating the missing piece of the puzzle in Dragon’s Dogma 2

In the quest A Veil of Gossamer Clouds, players are tasked with finding the remaining fragment of an unfinished letter. The only clue provided is that the letter pertains to an NPC named Phaesus. The search for this elusive letter leads players to Battahl, specifically to the Forbidden Magick Research Lab located to the east of Bakbattahl.

Dragons Dogma 2 Forbidden Lab
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Accessing Battahl

Traveling to Bakbattahl poses numerous challenges, with each step potentially leading to peril. To reach Bakbattahl, players will require a Border Entry Permit provided by Captain Brant. This permit allows passage through the south gate of Checkpoint Rest Town, granting access to Battahl.

Dragons Dogma 2 Battahl Gate
Screenshot: PC Invasion

The type of Entry Permit received is influenced by the completion of The Arisen’s Shadow quest and the decision regarding Bermudo. Players who secure Bermudo’s capture will receive an Entry Permit without restrictions, while those who let him go will need to obtain a Beastren Mask from Ibrahim’s Scrap Shop to bypass the gate guard.