How to apprehend the assassin

How to Apprehend the Assassin in Dragon’s Dogma 2

One of the most challenging quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is Shadowed Prayers, where you must identify an assassin in a crowd to protect Empress Nadinia. To ensure success in this quest, follow these steps to apprehend the assassin effectively.

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To begin the Shadowed Prayers quest, make your way to the Flamebearer Palace in the morning. If you need to adjust the time, simply Doze Off on a bench until morning arrives. Upon reaching the Flamebearer Palace, engage in conversation with Menella, who will brief you on your mission to prevent an assassination attempt on Empress Nadinia.

Receive the Bandit Bill of Arrest, a vital document necessary for completing the quest successfully. Take a moment to read the description provided on the paper, detailing the appearance of the target – a man with tied-up hair and a previous injury to his right arm from a failed assassination.

With the assassin’s description in mind, navigate through the crowd with your lantern lit to help identify individuals clearly. Once you have a suspect in mind, approach them from behind and apprehend them. If you have correctly identified the assassin, the attempt on the Empress’s life will be foiled, and the quest will be completed.

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If you prefer a direct approach, find the assassin positioned on the right side of the crowd near the middle. The culprit, named Herman, can be recognized by his dark robe and exposed right shoulder. You will confirm his identity when he responds with, “Who’re ye s’posed to be!? Fie! Are they on to me!?” Upon apprehending him, the mission will conclude with Empress Nadinia safe from harm.

Failure to intervene in time will result in the assassin executing his plan and taking the Empress’s life. Should this occur, utilize a Wakestone to revive her at Bakbattahl’s Morgue. If she does not immediately reappear, allow some time before revisiting the Morgue.

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After revival, Empress Nadinia will entrust you with a letter to deliver to Menella, as returning to the palace poses a threat. Menella will not be present at the Flamebearer Palace after the incident; instead, proceed to the Volcanic Island Camp southeast of Bakbattahl by heading west out of Bakbattahl and following the roads south until reaching a large cave beyond Wyrmsblood Forest. Traverse the cave to access the Volcanic Island Camp.

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