Light Cone, Relics, and Trace priority

Understanding Acheron in Honkai Star Rail

Acheron has made her entrance into Honkai Star Rail, bringing a unique playstyle and devastating damage potential to the game. As a Nihlity character, Acheron requires the right build and team composition to unleash her full power.

Best Build for Acheron in Honkai Star Rail

Creating the best build for Acheron involves focusing on stats that enhance her DPS capabilities. Prioritizing CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and ATK stats will ensure that Acheron can deliver maximum damage. Pairing her with the right supporting units is key to optimizing her performance.

Optimal Light Cones for Acheron

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Acheron’s ideal Light Cone, “Along the Passing Shore,” boosts her CRIT DMG by 36% and applies a debuff called Mirage Fizzle to enemies, increasing damage taken from Acheron. Additionally, the alternative Light Cone, “In the Name of the World,” enhances damage to debuffed enemies and boosts Acheron’s ATK after using her Skill.

Honkai Star Rail Good Night And Sleep Well Light Cone
Screenshot: PC Invasion

For a 4-Star Light Cone option, “Good Night and Sleep Well” increases damage to debuffed enemies and offers a significant damage boost under specific conditions, making it a valuable choice for Acheron.

Recommended Relics for Acheron

The Pioneer Diver of Dead Waters set stands out as the best option for Acheron, boosting damage to debuffed enemies and enhancing CRIT stats. Prisoner in Deep Confinement and Band of Sizzling Thunder are also viable choices depending on your preferred playstyle.

When it comes to Planar Ornaments, utilizing Izumo Gensei and Takama Divine Realm can further increase Acheron’s ATK and CRIT Rate when paired with other Nihility units.

Priority Stats for Acheron

  • CRIT Rate – Body
  • ATK% – Feet
  • Lightning DMG – Sphere
  • ATK% – Rope

Emphasizing CRIT Rate and CRIT DMG on Acheron’s gear will enhance her damage output significantly. Additionally, focusing on substats like ATK%, CRIT Rate, CRIT DMG, and SPD will further optimize her performance.

Enhancing Acheron’s Abilities

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Traces
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Maximizing Acheron’s Ultimate Trace is crucial for unleashing her full potential. Investing in her Talent, Skill, and upgrading her other Traces will further enhance her combat effectiveness.

Building the Perfect Team for Acheron

Constructing a team around Acheron that focuses on debuffs and DoT effects is essential for maximizing her damage output. For F2P players, a team composition consisting of Acheron, Guinaifen, Serval, and Gallagher can provide a solid foundation.

  • Acheron
  • Guinaifen
  • Serval
  • Gallagher

For players with access to premium characters, pairing Acheron with Silver Wolf, Kafka, and Fu Xuan can create a powerful synergy that amplifies Acheron’s damage potential.

By understanding Acheron’s unique playstyle and assembling the right team composition, players can harness her full potential in Honkai Star Rail.