Star Ocean: The Second Story R Scores Bonus Difficulty Modes And More In New Update

We Were Impressed By Square Enix’s Star Ocean: The Second Story R

Last year, we were blown away by the remastered version of the classic PS1 RPG, Star Ocean: The Second Story R, from Square Enix. The game delivered exceptional combat, visuals, and story, making it a complete package. However, the developer, Gemdrops, had more in store for us.

Today, the dev has rolled out a significant update for the game, introducing new features, settings, items, and much more. The best part? It’s all available for free right now.

New Features and Challenges

The latest update trailer provides a glimpse of what players can expect. One of the standout additions is the introduction of a new difficulty setting, Chaos. This mode is designed for the most seasoned players, with tougher enemy stats that require strategic thinking even in early battles.

Endgame Content and Enhancements

In this update, players will encounter Claud’s adversaries from the main story, the Ten Wise Men, in new endgame challenges that involve engaging in fresh raid battles. Additionally, the update brings a wealth of new weapons to the game’s Item Creation, along with new NPC illustrations, character graphics, and a playback feature for viewing all endings. Players can also customize repeat playthroughs by choosing whether to reset character stats or not.

Exploring the Updates

This patch is packed with new content and enhancements. For a detailed breakdown of all the latest additions, visit the Square Enix website. And if you want a refresher on our thoughts about the base game, check out our full review.

What do you make of this new update? What will you be trying out first? Let us know in the comments.