The Awesome Lego Optimus Prime Is On Sale For A Stellar Price

Lego Optimus Prime Discounted on Amazon

Lego Optimus Prime from Transformers is currently on sale for $144 on Amazon, marking a 20% discount from its original price of $180. This deal matches last year’s Black Friday offer, so it’s a great opportunity to grab this awesome building set. However, with the offer not having a specified end date, it’s best to act fast as stocks may run out soon.

Optimus is ready to roll out.

With 1,508 pieces, Lego Optimus Prime is designed for adults and experienced builders. What makes this set unique is its interactivity – you can adjust Optimus’ limbs, equip him with his ion blaster, and even swap his hand for the legendary Energon-Axe. The highlight, of course, is Optimus’ transformation into his iconic truck mode, going from Autobot commander to a fully-equipped big rig.

Building this Cybertronian hero will provide just over three hours of enjoyable construction time, spread across 10 bags filled with hundreds of bricks. Once completed, you’ll have a detailed Optimus Prime replica with a touch of Lego charm, showcasing only a few visible studs.